Branding / UX Design

Helping individuals make quality financial decisions

CoinChap is a mobile application that helps its users make quality financial decisions. It has an AI that prompts the user in an intrusive manner when they are about to make an unwholesome purchase and suggests investment opportunities and better spending alternatives.

Date: December 2021
Role: Brand Designer
Agency: Steko Creative Agency


The branding entails of a mark and typeface that convey friendliness to appeal to a young generation but firm enough for a financial brand. 



1. Intrusive

2. Friendly

3. Educative


1. Monimie (money-me)

2. CoinChap (coin chaperone)

3. WiseCash



For the mark, I combined the bank and eye symbols in a simple and modern way. I gave the edges some roundedness to make it friendly. The result is a mark that is friendly and sturdy.

After exploring the logotype for a while, I chose to go with a sans serif typeface: Proxima nova. I added the eye shape in the “i” and tweaked the typeface around the edges of letters i, n, h, and p to give it a rounded feel matching the mark perfectly, like they were destined for each other.



For the imagery, I chose to make use of pictures and scenarios that feel parental or big-brotherly. That’s what the brand is about: watching your back, guiding you every step of the way so you don’t make wrong money turns.