Wellness by Coco


Wellness by Coco

Branding / Web UI & Development

Health and Wellness Coach

Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Oluwabusola Obafemi, helps busy professionals lead a healthy lifestyle. Through her client-centered and goal-oriented wellness programs and techniques, she helps them deal with stress, achieve their health and wellness goals, and generally improve the quality of their daily work and life. 

Date: December 2021

Roles and Responsibilities: Copywriting, Digital Marketing Strategy, Brand Identity, Sketching, Wireframing, UI, Web development


Wellness by Coco aimed to increase their clientele and enable easy engagement with new clients. Prior to this, they had been attending to their clients using messenger and booking apps without a proper centralized online platform. With the popularity and convenience of websites, the client realized they were missing a huge market opportunity. They wanted to rebrand and develop a website with an aim to increase their reach, improve their outlook, showcase their services, book clients and manage data. I worked solely as the Brand and Web UI Designer, and Developer.


I had several meetings with them to fully understand their overall vision for the company, their purpose for rebranding, the concepts they had for the website, and their expectations. Together, we looked at a few brands that were an inspiration to the Founder. I started by recreating the brand identity to convey concepts such as peace and wellness. Then with those guidelines, I designed and developed the website. 


I drew several sketches that tried to depict concepts earlier stated. 3 options that resonated best with the overall vision of the company were selected and presented to the client. Th e client was impressed with the ideas and after several iterations, one emerged as what would be the new company logo.


1. Wellness

2. Healing

3. Deeply connected


1. The Wellness Fit

2. Coco’s Wellness

3. Wellness by Coco



For the mark, I used the acronym “wc” meaning Wellness by Coco, and a flower/leaf icon, to give off a contemporary feeling that also conveys emotions such as  youthfulness, health, freshness, and all-round wellness

For the logo, I chose to go with Bariol typeface as it possesses a softness I wanted the brand to convey. One can’t go wrong with Open Sans as a secondary typeface. So I chose it for its universality and ability to work with long text. 



The client wanted a website that was simple and intuitive. She wanted it to be a platform where potential clients could learn more about the brand and easily book a coaching call. So asides from the basic website components, I integrated a calendar booking system and the popular WhatsApp.

After a lengthy discussion with the client on the look and functionality of the website, I made sketches and digital wireframes iterating several times until a final satisfactory version. The client was pleased with the mockups and gave a go-ahead to develop the website. I developed using a no-code plugin on WordPress.


The initial booking platform that the client used, unfortunately, was not designed for website integration. Hence, I had to incorporate a different booking platform onto the site. I also gave some advice on how to move existing clients to the new platform, without losing them or causing frustration.

The project, like every other one, entailed several meetings, feedback, and iterations until a final happy outcome was gotten. Due to the nature of the project, it was personal to the client. I tried to put on their shoes several times to fully understand their type of clients and what they should see when they encounter the brand.